Thursday, August 5, 2010


The heat index was well over 100 degrees. I felt like wilted lettuce. Everything was moving slowly, lots of people had corn to sell. I didn't know how we could sell all that we had. Patra yells across to the other vendors, "Are we crazy or what?" There's a heat advisory out, what are we doing here?" I was too hot and too tired to answer.
There must have been 1/2 a dozen people ask me if the corn had been sprayed with conventional sprays. Organic standards saved the day. We sold every ear of corn, cantaloupes and watermelons. My 13-year-old said, "This organic thing is big." Yeah it is big. People are tired of being subjected to poisonous sprays and tasteless food. Viva naturally and locally grown food.
Yesterday at the market the heat index was 109. I sold all the corn again and people were asking for me, the melon lady. Those sangria watermelons were incredible. We won't raise anything else again except maybe for some sugar babies. The ambrosia cantaloupes were all that their name implies. They could look soft and over the hill and be absolutely delicious. Lots of chicken manure and a handful of kelp in each plant hole.
Excited about the gourmet food varieties for this fall. will have available produce and what is available for this fall.
Also had a lady inquire about CSAs for this fall/winter. She was very excited about moving out to the country. When I mentioned that Ron helps people to pick country properties, build energy efficient homes, and help them to utilize the property's natural resources ( springs, trees, fields, etc.), he grabbed my hand and shook it.

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